We are a small family farm in Powell Tennessee.



Among our residents is a small flock of high percentage Lacaune/East Friesian sheep. Our starter flock was purchased from the good folks at Promised Land Farm in Wisconsin.  We now have two generations of "native" Tennesseans as well!

The flock dines on a heavenly "mountain" pasture (Himmel Alm) and fresh water - supplemented with whole grains (depending on the season or as a treat) and trace minerals.  During the winter months our flock also dines on choice hay from the good folks at Production Acres.


A contented and friendly lot (both boys and girls) -  they have shelter from the elements when they feel need of it. (Of course, the climate is a bit more temperate than that they left behind).  Our current sheep facilities were brought to life from our  simple drawings and conversations by the skilled hands of Chuck Finger and his crew.

So far we have 12 lambs on the ground from 7 ewe (including our first "grandchildren").  We are expecting at least  8 more.