"Sheep furnish wool, milk, cheese, etc. That is their task. But they do not gain their living from it. It is the earth which produces grass and nourishes them through God’s blessing."

"Flocks of sheep are like clouds raining milk. But we neglect and despise these gifts, for they have become commonplace because men have had them for ages and use them every day. Nevertheless, they are pure miracles and boundless blessings of God."

Martin Luther

Nutritious and delicious sheep's milk products (roquefort, feta, pecorino romano, manchega and many other fine cheeses, rich creamy yogurt and even ice cream) are still produced today.  The vast majority of these are produced outside the U.S.

Our goal at HimmelAlm farm is to produce high quality sheep's milk products here in beautiful East Tennessee.  Our small flock is pasture raised and grass fed.  We want to demonstrate that small scale farming, following sustainable agricultural practices and yielding natural, healthy products is viable today and is not lost to future generations.

Our adventure is underway- we invite you to use this site to follow our progress and guide us as to the products you would most like to see.

The Trefferts